Basic Plumbing Info & Education

The trade of plumbing covers a wide variety of areas within the water system of the home. It deals with installations and the maintenance of piping, valves, tanks, fixtures, cold and hot water supply to bathrooms and kitchens, gas or oil supply systems, above ground drainage systems and other apparatuses that are vital to allow for clean water supply, efficient heating, and sanitation. Water is needed to survive whether it be in a home, restaurant, hotel, bar, airport, schools, and almost everywhere else you can think of with four walls and people inside.

So having the proper equipment installed properly is severely important and getting it done by highly trained and experience plumber is recommended. The stereotype of a plumber is that guy with the low rising pants who spends hours under your sink banging away and making excessive noise, but in truth, a plumber requires specialized training to do installations and repairs to not just what is under your sink, but also your boilers and central heating system. All of that, as well as fitting the piping system that carries water all around the building or home, plumbing also includes keeping the inside of home dry with gutter fittings and sheet lead weathering’s for roof’s and chimney’s.

Now, in regards to the actual plumber, there are a few things you need to know and look for. First, accreditation’s and certifications. This is important as it will tell you what specific jobs the plumber is able to carry out. Being sure that they are registered and approved tells you that they are qualified to do the job. Second, they are insured. If any problems came up while the job was being done, having an insured plumber will guarantee that any damages will be covered. Third, they are available for 24 hour emergencies. Plumbing issues can be an emergency and sometimes the problem needs to be fixed ASAP. Having a plumber that gets to you in a timely and efficient manner no matter the time is a must. Four, they are a registered trades person. Don’t call someone you don’t trust for a quick fix. Find a plumber who is registered, qualified, and experienced for the right fix. Spending the money on the right person will benefit you greatly in the long run.