3 Things to Look For During A Plumbing Inspection

Whether you are buying your dream house, or you are selling your old one, a house inspection is one of the most important aspects of selling or buying a property. A plumbing inspection always takes prejudice, as homeowners are always worried about its proper working. Most of the times, sellers are also not most of the time aware of their plumbing situation.


Each home plumbing system has its own issues, and here are some common things that one should look into:


  1. Main Sewer – Get your main sewer line inspected for deterioration and clogging. After a few years, these lines can scum to damage from the surrounding soil, and can even cause complete collapse, if not attended. Even though drains clog have a very common reason, they are sometimes not that common. Using a camera to inspect the inner lines is also a great idea.
  2. Water Heaters – On an average, a water heater can last for 10 years. This highly depends upon the quality of the water and how well the water heater has been used. Water heater provides hot water, along with keeping home heated up. Keep the location of the tank in consideration and check the surrounding floor area as well.
  3. Toilets – One of the most common plumbing problems that homeowners neglect are toilets. The leak can often occur in small or insignificant areas, where the water has been staying for overtime. The pipes can become rotten, or the floor can chip. Getting it checked is the best way.


Ask your plumber or home inspector plenty of questions and don’t leave any area uncovered in your plumbing inspection, to ensure a worthy sale or buy. Keep these things in focus during your inspection, and you will never make a mistake when it comes to buying or selling properties. Visit trueviewhomeinspections.ca for an in depth look at what is included in a proper plumbing inspection.