Bathroom Remodeling & Your Plumbing

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, you definitely have to consider your plumbing. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not realize that bathroom remodeling entails more than giving this space an image makeover. If you do not consider your plumbing, you may end up with a mess and more expensive repairs in the future.

Essentially, you should work on your project with experienced bathroom remodelers and plumbers. Take time to conduct some research and plan the project carefully. This will enable you to make decisions that will enable you to achieve the results you desire. What’s more, you will save money and time when you plan in advance and work with experienced bathroom remodelers and plumbers.

Know Your Bathroom Renovations and Plumbing Needs

You definitely don’t want to realize that you can’t implement your bathroom renovations and plumbing ideas when you have already started working on the project. What’s more, you want to keep costs low while renovating your bathroom. Therefore, take time to determine what you will change in the bathroom and how you will do it. Know what you will need in advance and get it. For instance, will you move the soil stack or water lines? It’s also important that you check the blueprints of your home to find the location of water lines. If you can’t get the blueprints, ask your plumber to find them for you. However, bear in mind the fact that even experienced plumbers do not see via the walls. It’s only after starting the work will they know this.

Decide on the New Features to Install in Your Bathroom

Do you want to install a new water heater? This might be necessary when you want a multi-head shower or a soaking tub. When deciding on such features, think about their accessibility by people in wheelchairs and seniors. It’s also crucial that you consider the duration for which you intend to be in your home. Choose features that will make life easier for you in case of mobility reduction. You can also convert a tub that you no longer use into a barrier-free shower. Additionally, you can create additional space with such an approach without moving water pipes.

Stick to Your Plan

When it comes to bathroom plumbing, it’s wise to avoid changing features like tubs and sinks if possible. That’s because if you move such fixtures, water lines may also need moving to accommodate them. Additionally, the remodeling contractor or plumber may charge you additional fees for labor and materials. Therefore, avoid moving plumbing fixtures during bathroom remodeling if possible.

Assess Your Plumbing

Assessing the current plumbing infrastructure during a bathroom remodeling project is very important. Basically, your plumbing infrastructure is designed to serve you for 30 to 50 years. Assessing pipes’ condition before you embark on the remodeling project can save you serious headaches. You will also avoid the high cost of opening up the walls to replace pipes or opening up the walls to replace damaged pipes after the remodeling project. Therefore, have your plumbing infrastructure assessed carefully to determine what should be done.


Consider Important Upgrades

Although you want to save money on your bathroom remodeling project, you should not skip some upgrades. Essentially, some upgrades pay for themselves in the long run. For instance, some modern heaters are more energy efficient than old heaters. Therefore, if you have a water heater from the 1960s in your bathroom, consider upgrading. Other bathroom upgrades that might be necessary include a walk-in shower, bath and double-sink vanity. Also consider upgrading your bathroom with energy efficient toilets, shower and tub renovations as well as faucet replacements.

Improve Functionality

Your bathroom should be comfortable and functional for every family member. Therefore, call a bathroom remodeler and plumber to discuss the needs of your family. Reconfigure the best way to remodel your bathroom and make it functional for the whole family. In fact, this should be the first step in the process of remodeling a bathroom. A professional plumber can review the options that you have and recommend what should be done to ensure that your bathroom suits the needs of your entire family.

It’s important that you reserve some money for the unknowns when budgeting for bathroom remodeling. That’s because surprises that include structurally unsound fixtures and mould issues can arise during the project. Nevertheless, when you work with experienced bathroom remodelers and a plumber, your project will run smoothly.


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